Strategy One-On-One
Let Create Momentum In Your Business!
Do you feel overwhelmed by all the online technology, business planning, organisation, productivity and want to chat with someone who can help you out? 
you are in the right place!
I help businesses gain momentum and build a strong foundation with an unbeatable combination of tech skills and experience-based strategy.
As a seasoned and successful professional, you know what’s required to launch a product, attract customers, and develop programs. And you’re dying to put that expertise to work in an online business designed around your desired lifestyle and income. The sky is the limit! … until you can’t figure out how to tackle your project, and can’t market to your audience.

Or you struggle to build your marketing plan because you are overwhelmed between traditional and digital marketing. 

Or you can’t figure out how to automate lead-capturing in your funnel or on your website and you start spending all your time chasing down customers rather than building your business.

Or maybe you just can't figure out who are your customers and grow your list. 

I’ve been working in tech and marketing for over 14 years. I have managed teams in companies such as Zynga (those online Facebook games you love so much!) and worked with platforms such as Amazon and eBay.
Implementing strategic direction at the beginning can prevent loss of money and time and keep your business’s momentum growing.
In my experience working with large companies and small business owners, I’ve learned the one rule that applies to all online businesses:

 If your business isn’t growing, it’s declining, along with your dreams of being your own boss!
From business planning to marketing research via competitor's analysis and action plan, I can help you reach your goals. 

Prevent wasted resources and pursue your dream of entrepreneurship with me on your team. 
How can I help you? 
Below is a list of the areas I can help you with. If you need help with something else, don't hesitate to ask
  • Define your business foundations 
  •  How to start with funnels for your business
  •  Finding your niche
  •  Crafting the perfect offer
  •  Create your perfect offer for your funnel
  •  Tech questions or choosing the right software for your business
  •  Mapping the ultimate funnel for your products or services
  •  Planning your WordPress website
  •  Get direction with your market research
  •  Setting up your Social Media profiles
  •  List building
Book your one-to-one strategy session, we’ll decide how we can grow your business together.
"I've taken a lot of internet marketing courses (too many to mention!) and was STILL confused about how all of the tech stuff worked together. Thank God for Sabrina! She made it all so clear and concise so that it actually makes sense and is not overwhelming anymore. Working with her is so easy as she is organized, knows her business and better yet, knows how to help you easily implement the tech part. She actually helps you instead of giving just enough so that you have to buy the next thing. I highly recommend her!"
Mary Ellison, Shop owner and dog trainer
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